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We are specialized in Funeral & Commemorative Event Catering. There is no better place to find gourmet caterers other than Caternow.

Organizing a funeral can be emotional experience and could be difficult and stressful. But with Caternow, we take care of the food so you can focus on preparing a proper farewell to your loved ones.

The passing of a near and dear one is a very sad time and we respect that the last thing you should be worrying is the food to be served to your guests. We provide professional and caring funeral & wake catering service in Melbourne, funeral catering Sydney and other cities in Australia.

Caternow offers hassle free gourmet funeral catering so you and your guests can enjoy delectable food without the stress of trying to find it yourself.

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There are range of manu options available...

  • Sandwich and Panini Platters
  • Fresh fruit platter
  • High tea or morning breakfast
  • Vegetarian and Halal food
  • Finger food set menus
  • BBQ or plated meal
  • Light lunch or buffet
  • Desserts and sweets

Our funeral catering service is available when you need it the most so why worry too much and let us take care of your food. If you are a Funeral Director in Melbourne or Funeral Director in Sydney or Manager for Budget Funerals Melbourne or Funeral Services in Melbourne, Sydney or Le Pine Funerals, or Manage Tribute Funeral Services or White Lady Funerals or Simplicity Funerals or Admin for Funerals Notices Melbourne and Sydney then we can help your clients with Funeral & Wake Catering services at affordable prices.

If you are searching for funeral and wake catering for your guests then search local caterers below, order catering and let us worry about your food.

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